Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hypothyroidism and Weight

Hypothyroidism and weight goes hand in hand. I just wanted to say that as a person with hypothyroidism that losing weight is a very hard thing to do. Gaining it is easy you don't have to do anything but look at food and gain weight. I have started a diet an couple of weeks ago and I have now lost about 10 lbs. I first heard about this diet from another nurse that has hypothyroidism and she said she lost 20 lbs and you can see the difference. I then started to hear about it from my co-workers at work and decided I would give it a try. It does work and I posted a link to the site on my sidebar. It also helps with high blood pressure. I used to drink pepsi all the time and nothing but. Since I started the diet I did have a headache from the caffeine withdrawal but excedrin migraine works wonders for a headache. I only had a couple of days of the headches and now I can't drink pepsi now. I tried the other day and it tasted funny so I couldn't drink it. I now drink flavored water with 0 calories. If you've tried diet after diet and has had no results then I urge you to try this diet. The thing is you don't feel hungry. My problem with other diets is I was always hungry and you had to eat these foods that I didn't like. Go to the site and check it out. This is the site Good luck in weight loss


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Advanced Weight Loss

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