Friday, May 23, 2008

Anonymous Commenters

I received a comment anonymously which I thought was offensive so I rejected it. It looked like a 2 page comment and was copied and pasted. It started off about the children that were taken away from the compound and it got worse saying that they were in a god fearing place and placed in the environment where they learned about xbox and such. To top it off you were a sinner if you did such things.
Well let me say something God gave man the abilities to develop these technologies so if it was evil then man would not have discovered and developed new things. We would still be back in the dark ages.
And if you want to send comments like that have the guts to put your name on it. If you are so proud of what you beleive in then proclaim your name to it.
In my bible it says obey the law of the land and in this land it is a crime to have more than one wife. If a man can have more than one wife then the wife should be able to have more than one husband. But good lord who would want more than one. I have enough dealing with the one I got much less two.
I am sorry I am ranting but it aggravated me and I just had to say something about it. I will reject comments like that so don't even bother sending it.

Now I got that off my chest, How has your day been? I have to go to work tonight which is a bummer.
I want to say thanks to all the ones who have left comments, drop their cards and advertised with me. You know who you are so thank you and I appreciate it very much.