Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm Back

I'm finally back after being gone for so long. Let me fill you in on what has been happening since Iv'e been gone. I know that the last post stated that I was single. Weellll I'm not. My husband decided that he didn't like it too well without me. So I've decided to give him one more chance. You know like 1,2,3 and your out. Anyway we have been back together since January. Now my older son moved to New Orleans and got him a job over there. My younger son and I decided to go see him. I had brought my laptop with me and I was sick as a dog. We couldn't quite remember how to get to the street where needed to turn so my son saw a couple of people and decided to ask them. Well they said if we give them a ride to where they were heading which was on the way they would show us. My son said ok and I didn't feel too comfortable with it but I was trying to keep from being sick. I brought my purse up front with me but I left my laptop in the back. We got to where they wanted to be dropped off and they got out and I noticed my laptop was not there. My son got out and confronted them about it and needless to say they had a gun. I decided they could have my laptop. I could replace a computer but I could not replace a son. I got out of the car because I knew that my son would fight them if he had to but I didn't want him to. He wanted me to be safe and so he decided not to go for it. Sometimes as parents you have to put yourself in the way to keep your children safe. So I have been without a computer since mine was stolen but I do have my son alive. I have just now gotten another one. Oh by the way I am going to be a grandmother again by my younger son. I will now have 3 grandsons. Well enough for now. Talk to you later