Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mission To Trade

I had someone leave me a message and asked me if could make a post about his site as it is a new blog. I went to check it out and I have to admit I have never seen this concept before. It is Mission To Trade. He trades items and it started with a bottle of diet coke that was traded for golf balls. Go visit Stuart and get the scoop on why he started this and get his Mission Details. It is a pretty unique site in the fact that there is not another site like this one.
It is the first time that anyone has asked me to write about their site and I want to thank you Stuart for giving me this opportunity. You know in days gone by people used the barter system to get what they wanted. It can be a trade with items or services. You remember Little House On The Prairie when the Dr would get various goods for services rendered. It was the barter system. The layout is clean without clutter and it loads fast and the Entrecard widget is placed where you do not have to scroll down to find.

Go check it out and also if you make a post about his site you will get a link to your site .
I wonder does this qualify as a review of a site? Because if it is all I can say is hot dog I finally done one. If not then it is a good start.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Bachelor London Calling

How many of you watch The Bachelor? I used to watch it when it first started a long time ago but I got away from it. Then I saw the previews of this show and I started to watch it again. I have seen all the episodes and it is one of my favorite shows with this bachelor.

There is one more episode next Monday when he will ask one of the two women that are left Shayne and Chelsea to marry him. I personally hopes he picks Shayne and I think he will.

Who do you think he will pick and who do you want him to pick. I just think he is cute and I love his English accent. This is a short post but I just wanted your thoughts.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Age - It's All Relative

Age - What does it mean to you? To me it is just a number. Who says because you reach a certain age you should be feeling this way or that way. I can very well remember when I was thirteen and wishing that I looked older because everyone thought I was younger than I was. It comes in handy now because I am fifty and I don't look like it. yippee.

I still feel the same now as I did then. I still like to drive fast, I still like to go out and dance, I still like to drink but I don't do as much of it or as often as I did then. I still like to watch the same kind of movies, I still like to read the same kind of books.

I have seen people that are young act old- and I have seen older people act young.

It is all in your frame of mind. Granted there are certain things your body won't let you do anymore. Several years ago my daughter and nieces were out in the front yard at my brothers house for a get together. Anyway they were doing flips and I tried it and I realized then that I couldn't do flips anymore. I have also broken a leg several years ago so that kind of limits me also physically.

I remember when I was a young girl that I thought forty was old but I realize now that forty is not old at all.

If think old you will act old but if you keep the joy of life alive you will not be old.
I enjoy being fifty years young