Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Think Long and Hard

It is finally hitting me that being on my own is harder than I thought. I have to worry that I am going to pay my rent and utilities. It is stressful. In fact I have actually been sick over it, I went to the doctor today because I have been feeling like my heart is going to pop out of my chest, dizziness and nausea. He said it was stress so now I am going to cymbalta and something for dizziness and nausea. I also went to see the movie Avatar today and it was good.
Anyone thinking about leaving their husbands needs to really think hard about it because it is no picnic when you realize that everything depends on you now.
I was not in an abusive marriage, I just wanted different things out of life but I still love him and have for twenty years. If I had been in an abusive relationship then I would be relieved not to be in that situation again.
Well I gotta go for now
Talk to you later gator