Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Shopping I Love It

Yesterday I went to the Mall and spent hours there. You know I just had to go to Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret. They had sales going on and I can't resist them. I wound up getting me some of that Wild Honeysuckle Body Splash. They had a booth setup with all kinds of perfumes and you know you just have to experiment. I found one that I just absolutely loved and guess what the name was? Sex In The City. That stuff just smelled so good mmm. It cost 65.00 a bottle so I had to forego getting it then but I do plan on going back and getting me some. My daughter Shannon was doing some sampling of her own. She was smelling all the different scents from perfumes, lotions, body sprays and even tried on some lip gloss. She loved it, typical girl. The bad thing is that she is allergic to perfumes but she took her allergy medicine that morning and it didn't affect her like I thought it would. School is going to be starting before you know it and I've already started clothes shopping. With two girls to shop for that is alot of shopping. I think when school starts back up I am going back to the mall and look to my hearts content without children getting tired on me.