Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where Did My Pagerank Go?

I went to check on my page and guess what my pagerank has disappeared. It used to be a 4 and now it is a ? What happened I wonder? Did I get slapped by Google or did I forget to do something I was supposed to..? Oh well such is the life of cyberspace. I know I have not been posting but I don't have internet at home right now and it is such a bummer. Be patient with me and I will get things back like it should be. This insurance business is hard. People just don't have the extra money for life insurance and it is a shame because if something happened now how will they pay for things that are needed then. I am going back to nursing at least it is a sure paycheck. Christmas is coming and you know how much money that involves. I hope everyone has a good Halloween to. I am taking my kids trick or treating Friday night and Saturday night we are going to a party. It is a costume party and I am going as a Devil woman horns included.

Going to go for now have a safe Halloween.