Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where Did My Pagerank Go?

I went to check on my page and guess what my pagerank has disappeared. It used to be a 4 and now it is a ? What happened I wonder? Did I get slapped by Google or did I forget to do something I was supposed to..? Oh well such is the life of cyberspace. I know I have not been posting but I don't have internet at home right now and it is such a bummer. Be patient with me and I will get things back like it should be. This insurance business is hard. People just don't have the extra money for life insurance and it is a shame because if something happened now how will they pay for things that are needed then. I am going back to nursing at least it is a sure paycheck. Christmas is coming and you know how much money that involves. I hope everyone has a good Halloween to. I am taking my kids trick or treating Friday night and Saturday night we are going to a party. It is a costume party and I am going as a Devil woman horns included.

Going to go for now have a safe Halloween.


Shinade said...

Hey in this last redo that Google did I jumped to a 4 after being 0 for almost 2 years.

And I was away from my blog for almost 5 months this go figure huh?

What I would like to know is ...what the heck is Technorati doing?

They no longer count your rank at all based upon your fans. They stopped using that to talley your rank.

Now they only use back links. My rate dropped from almost a 1000 to a pitiful 257.

So why even bother to advertise for them and seek people to favor you?

This makes no sense to me at all! Why favor if it doesn't count in some one's rank with them?

I am thinking seriously about contacting them about it. Because I don't think that's right or fair to people who take the time to add you to their favorites.

It's a crazy world blogging right now...that's for sure!:-)

1stopmom said...

My Page Rank dropped too. And it is bothering the heck out of me. I did a few paid posts and now I feel like I got punished. It is so strange because I have a few blogs but the one I have not posted on in at least 6 months is a PR4! The one I post to everyday is a PR2 now. I am just lost. It makes no sense to me.

Anonymous said...

:( Sorry to hear about your PR! I've no idea what the deal is, either. But I hope you are doing well - and had a great Halloween weekend!

Designing Hilary said...

I got slapped a while back, but I think it was because I was duplicating MY OWN content in several other blogs that are hosted on the Ning social network platform, without linking back to my original blog.

I deleted all the Ning blog posts and e-mailed Google about what to do. They responded! I used their Webmaster Tools to follow the responder's directions and I re-submitted my blog, then waited.

When you submit your blog, a actual person will look at it directly. It takes time, but I got a page rank back. It was still one point lower than previously, but I did get it back.

Lynne said...

Good move! I think a sure paycheck is a benefit, especially with the economy the way it currently is.