Monday, February 11, 2008

Learning How To Drive

You want to read something funny. When I was a young girl and was learning how to drive my stepmother let me drive the car. We lived out in the country so we didn't have to worry about traffic. Well there was a car load of us in the car and we were just going down the street back to the house. Well I made the driveway just perfect but I got the gas and the brakes mixed up and ran right into a tree in the front yard. When we all got out of the car I had to run to go to the bathroom. When I come out there was this stream of water running down the floor. My stepmother got so upset about me hitting the tree and she just couldn't hold it. I was so worried that when my daddy came home that he was going to get unto me big time but all he said was that she shouldn't have let me drive. I never loved my daddy so much as I did then when he didn't get unto me. My daddy never had to get unto me or spank me. All he had to say was that he was disappointed in me and that was all it took. I was whipped.

DIY Potpourri

I was sitting in the doctors office with my daughter thumbing through a magazine and run across this. I thought this was simple as usually have most of these ingredients already:
DIY Potpourri:Dry Rose Petals
1/4 cup cloves
1 cup allspice
10 3in cinnamon sticks broke in pieces
8 small bay leaves - (got me there)
4 whole nutmeg
3 tbs star anise
2 tbs whole cardamon pods
If you want to kick it a notch you can add a few drops of perfume oil