Sunday, September 28, 2008

When Things Go Bad

I got to see my grandson Zachary today for a few minutes. She still won't let my son see him. They are not divorced but when my son tries to see Zach she prevents it and the law won't help. The only thing to do is to go ahead and get his divorce and sue for custody. If anyone knows what we have to do that will insure that he gets custody. I would appreciate any info. He can't afford a contested divorce which is very costly. He did get to see him for a minute and Zach knows that his daddy is trying to get him.



Shinade said...

oh my heart goes out to you. We had the same thing happen with my husband's oldest son.

They were divorced in the state of Texas and she got all of the rights. We were all kept away from the kids until just recently. Now they are teens. We hadn't seen them since they were 3 and 4 years old.

Now in turn my youngest daughter just got divorced in the state of Maine.

The laws there are very different. They are completely centered on the children and not the adults.

My daughter did get primary custody. But, the state of Maine forces each parent to live within a reasonable distance of each other as long as the children are minors.

This protects a lot of fathers and keeps the mothers from moving far away.

If either parent should move with the minor child, first they must have the other's permission, and, it is the one that moves that has to be responsible to see that the children maintain their regular scheduled visits with the other parent.

The only way you can get around this law is if you can prove the other parent is unstable or dangerous for the children to be around.

I wish you the best. I know how very much it hurts. I spent a great deal of time with the children of my step son and it broke our heart to lose touch.

Keeping you in my prayers!!:-)

MammaDawg said...

:( O.M.G.

I will keep you guys in my prayers and hope this will get worked out.

Doesn't she know how unfair this is for her own son???


Kim said...

That was a touching article...I sure everything turns out good for your son. It is a terrible think putting a child through that and then not letting it see the father.
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April said...

Tell him to document everything, especially everytime he makes an attempt to see him. He should document even the shortest phone conversation. Just get a notebook and write it all down. The most important thing to have when he gets into court is documentation of the problems.