Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Bachelor London Calling

How many of you watch The Bachelor? I used to watch it when it first started a long time ago but I got away from it. Then I saw the previews of this show and I started to watch it again. I have seen all the episodes and it is one of my favorite shows with this bachelor.

There is one more episode next Monday when he will ask one of the two women that are left Shayne and Chelsea to marry him. I personally hopes he picks Shayne and I think he will.

Who do you think he will pick and who do you want him to pick. I just think he is cute and I love his English accent. This is a short post but I just wanted your thoughts.



Waterrose said...

The one I thought was perfect he sent home. Can't remember her name though. i always find it interesting once the show is over and you get the real story.

Buffy said...

I really like Shayne too and I hope he asks her to marry him.

I liked Noelle and 'Meeps' Amanda, but of course they have already been sent home.

It's been one of the 'better' series of the Bachelor. Matt's kinda cute too!

My name is Patricia Rockwell and said...

Yes, I agree. A great improvement over the last bachelor.