Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Is Coming

Christmas is the time that my family all get together and celebrate. We usually do it on Christmas Eve but as I have to work that night we are going to do it Christmas night instead. We have not exchanged gifts in a couple of years because we are to many and can not afford it. One day we might start back. So we just get together for a party and spend time together. So far the only gift I have gotten is just one. Christmas is my favorite holiday because I love looking at the decorations and the spirit of the holiday. I know that some people spend way too much on gifts for their children which I think is crazy. I buy my children one big gift ( not necessarily monetary ) and several to put under the tree and they are just as happy with that as if I had spent a million bucks. It should not be about the money you spend on a gift but the feelings of love, excitment and caring in considering the gift that should matter. After all Christmas is about love and celebrating the birth of Jesus or at least it should be.

There might be some people who disagree with me but that is their right.
What is your thoughts on this subject? Do you think that people have lost the meaning of what Christmas is really all about?

Just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



linggar said...

happy christmas and happy new year

Zen Ventures said...

I totally agree with you here. I actually posted about how our Christmas is this year. No gifts! We are in the same boat.

Ching Ya said...

Christmas is a time of year to show our appreciation, and gratitude, for the love and blessings from God, and the people around us. I've set up a It's All About Christmas Theme in my blog for the entire DEC, so far the participation of fellow blogger friends are great and welcoming. I wrote a post of It's All About Christmas
, a near-death experience which God shows me how blessed we are for still alive today. =)

Anonymous said...

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