Tuesday, March 10, 2009

All Things New Again

With spring just around the corner I see the rebirth of flowers starting to bud out. It is like a new beginning with spectacular visions to come. In the spirit of renewal I had my hair cut. It is shorter than I usually have it but I love it. I'm sure you ladies know how it makes you feel when you get a new do. I have actually got comments about how it makes me look younger. I will take anything I can get. Actually when I tell people how old I am they say that I don't look like it. I had a pretty good weekend this past one. I got to go to a concert and I got to see my grandson.
It is the second time I have seen him since he was born and he will 1 in June. You know when you have children and grandchildren it is a renewal.
When I get the pictures downloaded into my computer I will post a picture of my beautiful grandson.
Well I'm going to go for now, Talk to you later

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