Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Grandsons Colin and Zachary

Zachary will be 3 in December Colin will be 1 in June
I think I have the cutest grandsons. I don't get to see Zachary like I want. His mother won't bring him around until she and my son are divorced and have papers. Hopefully that won't be to much longer. As you can see the dates in the pictures that is when I saw them last. Colin's mother finally let my son Pat get to keep him for that weekend. I had not seen him but once since he was born. He is supposed to get him for this weekend too. We will see. It is after 11 at night here so I am going to go for now.


Ness said...

They look so adorable :)

Ness Diversion

I am Harriet said...

Hi There.
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Mikes said...

They're cute indeed. just sad that his parents are divorcing.

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Anonymous said...

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