Monday, April 6, 2009

My Mini Vacation

We went on a mini vacation to Talladega, Al to visit my stepdaughter and on the way back we stopped at the Bass Pro Shop and it was just fascinating inside. There was a fireplace with couches surrounding it so that you can sit down and rest. I have put some of the pictures from it in this post.

My favorite was the deer drinking the beer oh that might have been a magarita. I also took photos of the scenery as we drove up there. We drove up on Saturday and came back on Sunday. While we were there we went to an auction which is a first for me. We wound up buying a chair, dresser with mirrors, gun rack, a big picture and a waffle iron. We drove up in my car and so we had to call my stepson to come in his brand new truck to come and bring it home.

I just wanted to share so I guess I'll go for now.



I am Harriet said...

It sounds like you had a lot of fun :)


The drinking deer, this is unbelievable, i thought i had seen it all at Statin Islands animal den with their wacky moulds.
That's brilliant, well snapped up.

Jane xxx

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