Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Joke Is On Me

The other day my husband was late so he had to drive himself to work that day. Anyway he called me later to tell that he had stopped at a station and there was an ambulance there but left right before him. He told that he noticed that a lunch box had fallen out of the ambulance. He stopped to pick it up and looked inside to notice a toe in it. He called 911 to tell them about it. He asked me if I knew he they called and I said no. He said they called the tow truck.

It wasn't until he said that I realized he was pulling a joke on me. I told you got me good. I should have realized that the ambulance would not be carrying a toe in a lunch box but I wasn't really thinking about it.

Well I thought that I would share that about the joke being on me.
So long and Happy Halloween


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