Tuesday, April 8, 2008


When I was a young girl there was this boy that I thought was cute. He was a relative of my stepmothers and I liked him. I didn't get to see him that often as I went to live with my mother some.

I got older and decided that I was going to get me a kiss. mmmm. Anyhow I got close to kiss him and I couldn't do it. There was just something inside me that just would not let me kiss him. I'm going drats, whats wrong here?

Well years have passed and I was talking to my brother about it one day and he told me that the guy that I liked tried to make a pass at him. He said he let him know right quick that he was straight.

I'm thinking all this time that the boy was coming to see me when it was my brother all along.

When it became known with everyone what his preferences were. Lets just say they got a good laugh on me. I kind of pick on my brother about it and we get a good laugh from it.

All I can say is WHO KNEW?

Have a Good Day

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Monique said...


Perhaps it's that womanly instinct we have that let you know way back then he wasn't what you thought he was.

Sadly, most of the men from my past are bigtime loser dogs, and I am pretty sure they are all straight.