Saturday, April 12, 2008

Them Crazy Old Days

Last night at work we were sitting around the nurses station and talking about the crazy stuff we did when we were younger.

There was this one time when I went to stay at a cousins place in Louisiana for the night.
She and I decided that we were going to go out to a bar. She was pregnant so she didn't do any drinking but I made it up for her.

You ever heard of Air Bands? It is something like Karaoke.
Now you have to know me for you to realize the significance of this. I am a quiet and by no means an extrovert.

This particular evening I had enough to drink to release my inhibitions and I got up on the stage and did my thing with the Air Band.

When I got through I started to look for my cousin and guess what? She was nowhere to be found!

I didn't know where she was, if she went home or not. I got a ride to take me to her place and wouldn't you know it she was at home and let me tell you I was not a very happy camper.

I was sixteen and wild:
I drank and smoked pot which I liked a lot

Now I drink occasionally and I don't smoke pot anymore. I haven't done that in a bunch of years.

My brother tells me that I got him started on pot but I sure don't remember it. Maybe my brains cells got

He still does it though and even had a pot plant at one time and I am not talking about the ones you get at WalMart.

I'd be interested to hear about some of your wild and crazy days:


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