Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blogging - Why Do You Do It ?

Blogging is a wonderful thing and I was wondering what motivates one to do it. I started blogging as a way to make money but that's not happening. I blog now for the opportunity to meet people online. I read about what is going on in their lives and realize it is not much different than what is going on in mine.

Do you blog to make money?

Do you blog to meet people?

Blogging makes the world seem smaller. I mean that you have contact with people from Egypt, Malaysia, India, China, Thailand and that is just a few. I will never get to travel to those countries ( unless I get lucky and win the lottery ). You can also come in contact with people from your own neck of the woods that you wouldn't have known they existed if it wasn't for blogging.

Do you have a blog in extension of a professional Website?

Don't get me wrong I still would like to make money but it doesn't consume me that I can't enjoy the view on my way to being successful.

I am not a pushy in your face salesperson. I hate it when I go to a store and I want to look around and this salesperson comes and tries to pressure you into buying something. For some odd reason it has the opposite reaction from me. I will not buy it then.

On the other end of the spectrum when you want to have a salesperson around to ask a question about something then you can't find one.

Where is the happy medium?

So come one come all and tell me what motivates you to blog.

I have all found all types of blogs through entrecard that I really enjoy. I hope that I can give back what I receive through blogging.



thebaglady said...

I blog mostly for fun. I have been earning a little bit of money lately, but it really pays lower than minimum wage... Thanks for checking out my blog on Entrecard

Jasmine Shanea said...

This is a good post for us to remember why we do certain things. I blog because I wanna have a record of some interesting things that have happened as well as share some quirky things that I do online like losing my passwords and stuff. Really heartwarming to connect with people from all over the world as well. Blogging is like a new medium for me to make great friends and read about new and exciting experiences from all over the world! :)

Layne | Reward Rebel said...

The blog I promote via Entrecard, Reward Rebel, was actually started up as a 'practice blog', but as I got into it, it evolved, and now exists to record and share my internet marketing journey.

I've been bush-whacked by the amazing, lovely people I've met en route, and surprised by the depth of friendship that can develop online.

Overall, I blog as part of my business as a whole -- Reward Rebel doesn't make much money directly, but does generate income by direct and indirect promotions.

Any wiser? :-)

JoLynn Braley said...

Hi, I have a few reasons that I blog but the main one is because I want to share my experiences and research on what has worked for me (and what hasn't) re: weight loss and fitness. My intent is to motivate and inspire and if I can help just one other person get motivated to get fit and healthy, then I feel like I've done a good day's work. :)