Friday, May 16, 2008

Childhood Memories

My favorite childhood memories are going to my granny's. My Granny had twelve children and my mom was the youngest of the bunch. Anyway someone was always at granny's so we cousins got to play and have fun. She had chickens, one milk cow that I never could learn how to milk. She had this China berry tree next to her chicken coop and we learned if climbed up on top of the chicken coop we could get a limb from the tree and swing down to the ground. The limb was flexible so it didn't break. If you have never swung down from a china berry tree you just don't know what you missed.

My grandpa had honey bees that he could put his hands in and get that honey and not get stung so we had a lot of biscuits and honey. I have never found honey that tasted so good since.

My granny was a good person she never raised her voice at us and she loved us and we knew that. She always considered swimming as mixed bathing. Although she had her beliefs she never held it against us if we went. Swimming at a river and jumping off a rope that was tied to tree was fun also.

I remember during the summer we would get to stay up at night and you can see the lightening bugs and hear the crickets playing their music and it was just a peaceful time.

My granny broke her hip and it had healed but she was afraid to let the walker go because she was afraid she might fall again and break her hip again.

One day though something had happened and in her concern for me and my mama she forgot her walker and started walking without it and I mentioned that she didn't have her walker and she looked and realized she didn't have it and said I guess I don't. From that time on she never used the walker again.

I know that I am talking alot about my granny but my favorite times growing up was with her. She was my favorite grandparent.

I remember a time when I was about sixteen several of us would get together and ride around drinking Strawberry Ripple which was the thing then. I know I got a little tipsy but I just knew that it didn't show. I went to my granny's and went and laid down. To this day I couldn't tell you if she knew or not but she never said a word about it.

Oh let me tell you what kids used to do when I was a teenager. We used to ride up and down the boulevard which happens to pass right in front of the police station. Some friends and I was riding down the boulevard when we happened to notice that our tire had come off and was passing us by on the road.

I am dedicating this post to my granny who loved and was loved in return. She is in heaven now and I have no doubts that is where she is. I know that I have rambled on but I wrote it down as I thought about it.

There are too many stories that I can't tell it all at this time. Do you have some favorite childhood memories? If so I would love to hear about it and on this note I am going to say night night.



Karen said...

What a beautiful post. I enjoyed hearing all about your life.

Cindi-Moomettesgram said...

I miss my Nana too. She lived to be 101 and was a big influence in my life. My bio mentions her quite a bit. I am doing reflections also, and you have inspired me to do some posts. Thanks for sharing.

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