Monday, May 12, 2008

My Greatest Fear

Last Friday I got the scare of my life. I had sent both girls to school as usual but I had woken up with a tremendous headache and I was a little stuffy so I took some Benadryl allergy medicine but it didn't help. I decided to check my blood pressure as I have high blood pressure.
Anyway it was high and so I took some blood pressure medicine and went to lay down. I had fallen asleep and I vaguely heard the phone ring but I didn't get to it in time so I got it and had it in my hand in case it rang again but I really went to sleep and didn't hear a thing.

Next thing I know my husbands phone rang and it was my daughter in law that works at the school where the girls go. She told me that she was on her way home with Shannon that she had passed out at school.
I tried to get an appointment with a Dr but the one she usually sees was no longer there. I called other Drs but as a new patient she couldn't get in until Monday - today. She did not show any signs of weakness or I would have taken her to the emergency room.

Anyway I come out of the Drs office today with referals for an endocrinologist and a cardiologist. She has to get her thyroid levels checked along with Diabetes and I am going to check her white blood count.

Shannon had two holes in her heart when she was born but they had closed on their own and she hasn't seen one in years. She is pale looking and I am wor
ried about her. When she was born they thought she had leukemia but it wasn't. She had something they called it
Transient Myloproliferative Disorder in which she had an enormous amount of immature white blood cells. They told us that it might can possibly turn into leukemia as she got older. We just have to keep monitoring it.

My greatest fear is if she does get leukemia I don't know how I am going to deal with it. She is so special and everyone loves her. I am hoping and praying that she does not have diabetes or any kind of heart problems. Down Syndrome children have a high risk for heart problems.

I am now waiting on them to call me with the appoinments. It is not a good thing when you see your child not feeling good and not being able to help.

On another note Did you see the last Bachelor show? He Picked Shayne which I was hoping that he would. I am using different colors in my text to see which I can see better. I am sleepy so I am going to for now. Talk to you later


maline said...

nice post, but i had a hard time reading it. the bloody red font is really "bloody"on the eyes. LOL, pardon the pun! :D

Waterrose said...

Ohhh....I usually enjoy reading your blog, but red on brown is PainFul!!!

Ladyhawkcj said...

I want to thank waterrose and maline for their comments. I have been trying to find a color that would be easy to read. Red is definitely not it. If anyone can tell me which color would work I will use it. I would appreciate it.

Dette said...

omigosh - my heart goes out to you and your daughter. I will keep you guys in my prayers!!

P.S. I just added/faved you as well!

DJ'S GemStones said...

I know this post is a few days ago, but I hope that your daughter is okay, the red is so hard to see.