Monday, March 31, 2008


I don't think anyone is aware that I work as a nurse. I work 12 hours on friday nights and 12 hours sunday day shift. When I work friday night and come home saturday morning the drive home -- which takes an hour 1 way --I get so sleepy driving home.

Anyway if I sleep when I get home I can't sleep that night and then turn around and get up 5 am to go work sunday.

I feel like discombobulated. Something has to change but lord I don't know what yet.
I have 2 girls aged 9 and 11. I know that all you blog catalog readers know that I have a down syndrome daughter and so someone has to around to make sure she gets on and off the bus.

Which we missed this morning so I wound up having to take her to school.

I don't want to do anything where I would have to get them up at 5 am to take them to a sitter. It is so frustrating at times when all you want to do is stay at home and take of your family but with the economy and bills it takes both our incomes to make it.

Off the topic -- I finally have 1 whole reader to my marketing site hooray
It is not a lot but it is start. I changed my template and have start all over with it. I wish there was some way to save widgets but alas. If I am rambling forgive me as I am sleep deprived.

Well gotta go drop some cards


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