Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Night Terrors

I was driving back from taking my girls to school when I heard on the radio about this place that was talking about sleep apnea. The signs and symptoms of it and about sleep walking. It mentioned night terrors and remembered that my older daughter used to have night terrors when she was small. She would start screaming some time during the night and I would have to go in her room to her and hold her face looking at me and saying M can you hear me? Look at me and I kept doing it until she focused on me and I could see that she was awake. But it was an experience that is not sometimes easy to take. To hear her screaming and I didn't know what triggers it. I still don't. She has outgrown it thank God but I got to thinking about it and I thought that maybe there are other mothers out there that has gone through the same experience and maybe have different ways that they dealt with it. If we talked about what we did then maybe someone that is going through it now might find one method that helps them. If you went through a child having night terrors post a comment about it so that we can help someone else.

Thank you

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