Sunday, March 2, 2008

Christian Poetry

This was sent to me and I wanted to share
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Hello Everyone,

Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus. It’s so incredible that I have
the opportunity to write again. I want to thank each one of you, who
responded to the last letter and poem I sent out. It’s always nice to get
replies from the poems and letters I’m inspired to write.

I hope all have been well and I pray each day that everyone is growing
spiritually as we journey though this special life together.

I’ve been writing a lot of poetry today. I have such a passion inside to
give my life for others. I want to be just like Jesus. I want to give my
life for those who are in need. I believe my way of giving is through the
poetry I write.

I’ve learned that life hasn't been given to be my own, but it’s given by
God to be for everyone else. That’s what I live for. I live not for
myself, but for my friends, family and loved ones. Everyone is a friend and
loved one to me. I consider everyone to be my family.

I wrote several poems today. The poems are below this letter. The name of
one poem is Ose. I believe Christ my savior inspired me to write them, for
my own personal growth and to share with others. I hope you all find the
messages I’ve found in them, from Christ our Lord.

I trust you all are having a wonderful week. Always know you’re loved,
because I love you and so does God. Whenever you feel alone and in despair,
know that there’s a God who loves you more than you’ll ever know and
also know that there’s a poet who loves you too.

His Love, See Poems Below.

Ahrend R. Walters
Believer Poet

By: Ahrend R. Walters
Copyright 2008

What is life to live for mine it’s only but a worthless life
But what is life to live for those the greatest life ever chose

Do I live for my own to build my lavished fancy house
Or do I live for helping others like orphaned children without mothers

Who am I deep in heart one for me of selfish greed
Or am I giving every all to help others from the fall

What is life to live for min it’s only but a worthless life
But what’s the life to live for those the greatest life I ever chose

By: Ahrend R. Walters
Copyright 2008

My friends are dying in endless pain
They many starve and kill to gain

At here this time come with me now
Lets give them hope through Love is how

In this moment with passing by
I hear there need I hear their cry

As many feed a hungry greed
I need your help at now I plea

Come with me lets walk alone
While many care just for their own

We can change the worlds around
Alone through Love Let’s go Astound

Every Graceful Thing
By: Ahrend R. Walters
Copyright 2008

All trees and bird’s stampedes of herd
Rains and snows wind that blows
Its all our Lord the clouds that pour
For flower blooms there many moons
At far beyond the running fawn
O so near the waves we hear
Of beauty pure that’s God I’m sure
He’s Every Graceful Thing


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