Wednesday, April 23, 2008

When She Cries I Go Running

I have a daughter that has Down Syndrome as some people are aware of. This morning I got ready for school and put her on the bus as usual and everything was all right. I decided that since the girls was at school and my hubby at work I would lay down and get me a little nap . I didn't get to bed till after midnight and then turn around and get my hubby up at 4 am. I was still sleepy. Just as soon as I got laid down my phone rang and it was the school calling to tell me that my daughter was crying.
You have to know she doesn't cry unless she is hurting or sick. I hurriedly got dressed and went to the school to get her. I could see where she had been crying. Her vocabulary has increased but it is still hard for her to tell us what is wrong. They said she put her hand on her head. I touched her head and asked her if her head hurt and she said yes.
I gave her one of those junior strength tylenol chewable and at first she didn't want to chew but she decided to go ahead and chew it and get it down. Then she tells me its good as it is grape flavor.
Right now she seems to be ok and is watching tv.
When my baby cries I go running to check on her, I have to make sure everything is all right.
We as mothers do that with all our children but when one is handicapped you tend to be more protective. They depend on us to keep them safe and away from harm.
Well I have to say goodbye to my nap.


Monique said...

Awwww, I hope she is feeling better now.

Waterrose said...

Hugs to you...sounds like you are a great mom!

Dette said...

You sound like a wonderful mother totally in tune to your daughter's needs *hugs*

I just finished watching "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" on Lifetime (not as good as the book, but still very good). Have you seen it? If so, I was wondering what your thoughts were of it, as a mother to a child living with Down Syndrome...

Ladyhawkcj said...

Hi dette,
No I haven't read the book or seen the movie but I will get it and read it and let you know what I think of it.

Thanks for the comment also