Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I was over at BLOGGING MoRe" Blog and read her post which I thought was funny but it reminded me of what happened to me when I was a young girl. I was about 10 years old and my sister and I had to sleep in the same bed. One night as I was sleeping I dreamed that I had to go pee and I went to the bathroom to get that wonderful relief when I woke up and realized what I had done.

I went and got cleaned up and changed clothes and went back to bed and all this time my sister was still asleep and I wasn't about to wake her up.

Needless to say the next morning my stepmother came in and found that the bed was wet but I had dry clothes on so my sister got blamed for it. Call me chicken but I wasn't about to say that it wasn't her.

To this day I have never told her any different you know water under the bridge and all that stuff.

I have had several dreams that I have gone to the bathroom but I don't get any relief so I eventually wake up and go.

I wonder if that is what happens to children that wet the bed. Do they dream that they are in the bathroom? Do they even feel they have to go until it is to late?

Things to ponder about:



Monique said...


You've been very fortunate! I still can't believe it happened to me.

C. R. Morris said...

LOL! You have to tell her! LOL Send it in a funny card.. hee.. My sister and I just laugh at the things we let each other take the blame for now.