Friday, January 18, 2008

Dodging Weight Gain with Vitamin D

Ladies I heard about vitamin D and how it can help you lose weight so I found this article from the Brigham and Womens Hospital. The link is

You may be well aware of vitamin D's part in building better bones, but did you know it might also help in the battle of the bulge? Unfortunately, many of us are not getting enough D; in fact, are even D-deficient. Overweight individuals are especially at risk.
Excess body fat absorbs and holds onto vitamin D, making it unavailable to the body. The absence of vitamin D creates interference with the functioning of a hormone called leptin, which signals to the brain that you are full and should stop eating. In addition, overweight people tend to spend more time indoors. This also deprives them from further D as the ultraviolet rays of the sun spur the production of D.
Luckily, replenishing vitamin D in the bloodstream to normal levels restores leptin's actions. Getting enough vitamin D, namely 800 to 1,000 International Units (IU) a day can be a challenge from diet sources alone. Supplementation is often needed. Multivitamins typically provide 400 IU. Actually the best source of D is that which is derived from the sun as this form stays in the body longer with greater lasting benefits. Plus, a little goes a long way. Ten minutes of unprotected sun (as sunscreen blocks the useful UV rays) three times a week is enough. After 10 minutes, apply the sunscreen.
Yet many of us who live in the Northern half of the U.S. make little to no D from sunshine during the winter months through early spring. So along with your "multi", choose among the sampling of D containing foods:
Listed from highest to lowest in vitamin D content.
Vitamin DInternational Units
Pink salmon, canned (3 oz)
530 Vit D
118 Cal
Catfish (3 oz, raw)
425 Vit D
Sardines, canned in oil (3 oz)
230 Vit D
177 Cal
Tuna fish, light, canned (3 oz)
201 Vit D
168 Cal
Quaker OatmealNutrition for Women (1 packet)
140 Vit D
160 Cal
Fortified soymilk (8 oz)
116 Vit D
101 Cal
Yoplait Nouriche Smoothie (11 oz)
100 Vit D
260 Cal
Fortified orange juice (8 oz)
100 Vit D
110 Cal
Fortified nonfat milk (8 oz)
98 Vit D
91 Cal
Dannon Light'n Fit nonfat yogurt (6 oz)
80 Vit D
80 Cal
Cereal, dry, most brands (1 cup)
40 Vit D
100 Cal
Sources: USDA Nutrient Database, Release 18 (2005)

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