Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What Qualities Does A Woman Look For In A Man

What qualities does a woman look for in a man?

1. Trust- A woman wants to know that he is a one woman man. If the trust is broken and there is doubt there can be no relationship.

2. Support- A woman wants to know that a man will support her and back her up when she needs it.

3. Laughter - A woman wants a man that can make her laugh and just enjoy being alive

4. Communicator- A woman wants a man that will listen to her and really hears what she is saying

5. Romance- A romantic soul is a plus

6. Provider- It doesn't matter what a man does for a living but that he continues to grow and not get stuck in a rut

7. Family- A man has to decide if he wants one or not and be on the same page as the woman

Now these are not necessarily in order but these are the qualities that I as a woman look for in a man.

Women I would love to hear what qualities you look for in a man


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